The 2,5 Billion Euro Christmas Lottery Raffle – El Gordo de Navidad

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The El Gordo de Navidad Christmas Lottery Raffle draw is probably the most popular (and certainly the biggest) draw in history, the El Gordo de Navidad, El Gordo Navidad Christmas lottery raffle draw!

This draw will give players from all over the globe a chance to win their share of a

Navidad (Photo credit: Lumiago)

staggering €2.5 BILLION in prizes. That’s right, the prize fund is sitting at an incredible El Gordo de Navidad €2.5 BILLION! The Lotter is a global ticketing agency online and selling tickets for more than 10 years have announced a new lottery product and is now available to purchase online.

Why should YOU should get your ticket ;

– The prize fund consists of an amazing €2.5 billion
– This is one of the most famous Christmas lottery raffle and popular draws in the world
– Players have a 15% chance of winning the prize
– Winnings are paid out in a tax-free lump sum

Of course, with that jackpot amount we can understand why the El Gordo Navidad is clearly the biggest Christmas draw in the world!

How the Christmas Lottery El Gordo Navidad is played:

Players do not pick their own numbers. The draw is a raffle which allows players to buy tickets printed with pre-selected numbers (each ticket being assigned a 5 digit number).

Because entries are sold from a finite pool of tickets it is possible that the ticket supply could run out.

The El Gordo Navidad Christmas lottery raffle draw is quite a festive experience with the draw often lasting for many hours. 1 ball that contains a 5 digit number is picked from a barrel and an associated ball with the relevant prize amount is picked from a 2nd barrel. These numbers are then sung out by school children.
This is all done on live television ensuring everyone can be a part of it.

The draw takes place on the 22nd December every year.

As you will realise, these tickets will sell out FAST

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