Lottery Jackpot, a BILLION Dollar Baby

A Billion dollar jackpot? No, you are not seeing things, and yes, the current USA Powerball Jackpot has sky rocketed to a humungous 1,400,000,000.00! Creating a new world jackpot record.

This is a world first, the first ever Billion dollar lottery jackpot.

How did this incredible lottery jackpot amount happen? Well, in October 2015 the USA Powerball changed its lottery jackpot format. It increased the total numbers to pick from 59 to 69 (of which you need to choose 5 numbers) and the Powerball ball choice was reduced from 35 to 26 numbers (you pick one number) to choose from.

This new format now gives players a one in 24.8 % chance of winning a prize. The new and improved game was designed to create more rollovers and even bigger jackpot which can roll over to 1 Billion Dollars and of course, this is exactly what it has done.

How do I win the USA Powerball lottery jackpot and a Billion Dollars?
If you choose all 6 numbers correctly you win the jackpot!

The Billion dollar lottery jackpot has created a frenzy of ticket purchasing globally (both in the USA and through global online ticketing agencies ) which keeps it growing bigger and bigger by the day, actually never mind by the day, by the hour. From the time of writing this article to the jackpot draw it could increase again.

The jackpot draw is taking place on the 13th January 2016. The number 13 (the date of the draw) being, in itself, lucky for some.

The USA Powerball has made history a couple of times before. It has the highest jackpot prize in the world that has ever been won by a single ticket holder! It also is the lottery that has paid out the highest jackpot in the world to just one person.

The biggest jackpot that has been won on the USA Powerball was a mind blowing $590,500,000.00 which was won by one very lucky ticket holder on the 18th May 2013.
The second largest jackpot ever won on the USA Powerball was a fabulous $580,000,000.00 which was won by two separate ticket holders on the 28th November 2012.

So, to get yourself in on the action for a chance to win this life altering sum of money you need to get yourself a ticket. Join in on this nail-biting game which gives you a chance, for the first time in both human and lottery jackpot history, to win a Billion Dollars.

A small outlay of a few dollars could make all the difference in the World, and it will, for one very, very lucky person!

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